Until 1970-80´s almost every manufacturing company had its own foundry. The trend on outsourcing of non-core activities due to short-term profit maximization (usually explained by the need to specialize on core competences) resulted in selling or closing of company-own foundries. The negative aspect of such outsourcing was the gradual loss of metal casting know-how in design and purchasing departments. Good old days when freshly baked design engineer and casting buyers first went for some weeks or even month into the company-owned foundry to understand the processes and learn from the old birds are now gone forever.

We don´t do management consulting and we don´t show you nicely done presentation on what you already know. Instead, we provide support in technical and commercial topics of casting procurement and manufacturing. We are foundry professionals and we offer specialised consulting, dedicated exclusively to  the metal castings industry. We analyze your requirements and provide you with tailor-made solutions.