We are able to provide best services for casting buyers and castings users worldwide. Our team of experienced buyers and foundry engineers is capable of tackling all your challenges in the field of metal castings.

Gusseinkauf.de, which means in German “Buying metal castings”, was founded by Dr Sergey Ershov, who earned  his Dr-Ing. degree in foundry engineering at the Technical University of Freiberg, and further pursued his MBA degree at the University of Oxford.  Sergey Ershov is an experienced foundry engineer, who has worked for many years as a  head of strategic casting procurement at large international conglomerates. He is also an author of the first book in the German market on purchasing of steel and iron castings “Steel and Iron Castings for technical purchasing“.


Dr. Sergey Ershov

e-mail: ershov@gusseinkauf.de

Tel: 0049 175 585 5635